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We are moving our blog over to this new site. For now, you might want to check out our old blog for pictures and descriptions of some past projects.
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Paul and Jenn’s Stairway, Goffstown, NH

My brother in law started this project on his cape by tearing down the wall on the right side of his entryway. From there we pushed the wall back to expose both sides of the first few stairs and definitely create a spectacular open entryway.

Madbury Rd, Durham, NH

We were busy for a months working on this commercial building in Durham.
We spent the first month helping the contractors that were there catch up on their work.
Then we got to our part which was the finish work…installing kitchens, windows, doors, trim,
tile work throughout the building and the brick exterior. If you’re ever in the area make sure
you check it out.

Custom Built Cabinet

 Custom built cabinet

Bar Top for Sal’s Pizza in Somersworth, NH

Loading up the bar top

Installed and taps are ready to pour
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Sal’s Pizza Bar Top

 Custom bar top is stained and ready for glaze.

Sal’s Pizza Bar Top

Building a custom bar top

Porch and Deck

I routed the top of the railings to match the post caps.

The porch and the railings I built on the existing deck.
The porch will be sided and finished as a three season porch in the future

Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodel